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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Benefits of Buying Unfinished Furniture

Why Buy Unfinished Furniture?

Product Quality
Unfinished furniture is exactly that; unfinished and uncovered so that the quality of the piece is readily visible. Poor grade lumber can be hidden by stains and paint; such lumber often has many knots, discoloration, and other defects. When a piece is unfinished, you can see what you are getting. These are the points that differentiate between a piece that lasts a few months before it begins to fall apart and a piece that lasts not only a lifetime but over generations. The bottom line is that unfinished manufacturers must use a higher grade lumber in furniture production, because they can not mask such defects under a finish.

Advantages of Real Wood
Most unfinished furniture is fine furniture constructed of real wood. Wood has many advantages over particle board, which is predominant used in the finished furniture industry. Wood expands and contracts depending on the humidity in the air. When constructed well, the natural expansion or contraction will cause no change in the item�s structural integrity. As particle board does not expand and contract, but the wood does, the joints will eventually break from each other.

The benefits of finishing a piece yourself is threefold; the first one is a clear financial advantage. It costs much less to buy a piece unfinished and finish it yourself, it makes sense to furnish a whole room with quality furniture rather than for the same price buy a few pieces that may have hidden blemishes.

The second advantage in finishing a peice yourself is the ability to make it unique to your taste. You can purchase a single piece or an entire room. You can customize the finish and colors to match your d�cor. You can be creative, from a simple wood stain and varnish to a more elaborate stenciled or distressed finish. Stain it, paint it, add your finishing touch!

Finishing furniture can be a very enjoyable and relaxing hobby. It is easy to do. Just read the finishing instructions. There is a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes with finishing your own furniture.

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